Education Events for Professionals 

"Beyond Kübler-Ross: New perspectives on Death, Dying and Grief" 

    This course is provided through the Hospice Foundation of America     and explores the most current theoretical perspectives on death, dying,     and grief, emphasizing areas where understandings of dying, death,     and grief have been challenged and developed since the 1969     publication of Kübler-Ross' epochal work, On Death and Dying.

"End-of-Life Ethics"

    This course is provided through the Hospice Foundation of     America. The program uses a case study approach to examine     the ethical issues and dilemmas that emerge at the end-of-life.     Ethical decisions at the end of life converge around issues such     as finances, laws, values, culture, and technology. This program     also addresses the principles of ethical decision making, and     the effects of these decisions on staff and families. 

Past Education Events 

  • Understanding MOLST (Medical orders for Life Sustaining Treatment) 
  • Ethical Issues at the End of Life
  • Tools to Help Grieving Children and Families
  • Ethical issues Relating to patients with Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia at the End of Life
  • Helping Family find Emotional and Spiritual Support While caring for the Seriously Ill and dying 
  • Diversity and End-of-Life Care
Montgomery County Coalition for Care at the End of Life